the Statute


ART. 1

E 'consists of the Sports Association called "ASD Italy and Libya friends in" ASDIL sport.

ART. 2

The Sports Association is based in Rome ..........


The Sports Association, apolitical, nondenominational and non-profit aims as an institutional purpose of:

  • Represent and strengthen the relationship and human understanding between Italians and Libyans in sport, solidarity, culture, dialogue, sports training, vocational training at work.
  • The Care Association also focus on the marginalized, the disabled, engaged in sports, in education both Italian, both Libyans.
  • Can be part of the association also aims Italians born in Libya Former sports, Libyan former sports in Italy.
  • Assists all those registered to participate and encourage the sport;
  • Assisting the marginalized, the disabled in sports training and professional work maintaining relations of cooperation with associations, national and international sporting bodies;
  • It favors the creation of special training courses, the sports training of members;
  • Organizes meetings, conferences, sports competitions, tournaments, events and whatever the purpose;
  • It promotes the exchange of sports information, cultural and professional through the publication of News letter via the web;
  • Organizes training courses directly or in agreement with schools, sports centers, with experienced teachers, associations with the participation
  • the Italian and Libyan registered in time to establish a positive dialogue aimed at strengthening the ties between Italy and Libya in the sport in the professions, in the culture;
  • Proposes research and studies in the sports-professional sector at national and international level in collaboration with sports associations and vocational training to enable the exchange of experiences in sports, culture, professions;
  • It organizes and coordinates social tourism, sport and culture, visits, sports meetings, training and training cooperation between the two sports associations of the two countries;
  • Invokes peace, particular attention towards the right of everyone to practice sport for the physical and mental wellbeing of the person in training, integration on equal opportunities for women, for health protection, the fight against racism, violence .
  • It supports any effort in favor of the two countries through friendly relations in sport, knowledge culture, sustainable development, mutual respect;
  • Organizes training courses addressed to individuals with disabilities to prepare them
  • to their future in the sport, in the professions, in the work;
  • Encourages the implementation of training investments through projects funded in European programs, national, addressed to members International;
  • Subscribes agreements Convention on nursing issues of members with organizations, institutions, public-private institutions.
  • It is committed to promoting and disseminating amateur sport in all its forms.


The Association may have owned, managed or to lease real estate or movable deemed necessary to achieve social ends.

Inside the head office and for the sole benefit of the members, the Association can manage on their own or give to third parties the management of a refreshment.


The founding partners for the first four years, President and elect such members of the Executive Council, with the simultaneous allocation of the charges, the following gentlemen:

  1. Ignatius Vaccarini as President;
  2. Hasen Leghritli as Vicar Vice-president;
  3. Bensalim Farg Mohamed Mohamed as Vice President;
  4. Nasser MBBen Zariba as an adviser;
  5. Elsudani Farag Snusi as adviser;
  6. Ivo Spadavecchia as an adviser;
  7. Happy Fortuna as an adviser;
  8. Alberto Spinach as Secretary;

I appointed to declare that there are no grounds for ineligibility against them, so they will accept the appointment.

ART. 5

The Association agrees to comply with the Charter in its scope, the organic Regulation and any other rules issued by the ASI.

ART. 6

The Association carries out its activities according to the general guidelines issued by the central and local organs of ASI, and individual directives established by the Executive Council of the same.



ART. 7

They can be part of the natural persons who apply without any limitation in number.

..................... ..


Each shareholder, conscious acceptance assumes the obligation to observe the Charter and social regulations and agrees to comply with loyalty and discipline, the rules governing the sport, participate in activities and social events, contribute to the social economic needs, not to refer authorities other than those social or ASI for the protection of their rights and interests and for the resolution of disputes of any nature, related to the activity carried out as part of the Sports.


Membership is acquired through the payment of an annual fee whose amount is set annually by the Association's Board of Directors. The shareholders will be entitled to attend the social local, to use those facilities and services managed by the Association. do not allow the registration of members with temporary relationship.


The member status is lost with the expiry of the period covered by the membership fee. A member may withdraw from writing to the Executive Council. The exclusion of a member for serious reasons must be approved by the Board.

A member who, for whatever reason, ceases to be a member of the Association, loses any right on the company's assets.




The corporate bodies are:

The Shareholders' Meeting


The Executive Council


The Assembly is the highest organ of the Association. They have the right to vote and intervene on all shareholders who have reached eighteen years of age. The Assembly is validly constituted when there are half plus one of the members on first call, second call whatever the number of members. The Assembly must be convened at least once a year, decide on the budget and final accounts, addresses and general guidelines of 'association on the appointment of the members of the Governing Council and as entrusted to it by law or by statute.

The Extraordinary General Meeting is convened at the initiative of the Executive Board when it deems it necessary, or for the consideration of amendments to the Statute or at the written, reasoned request of half plus one of the members.

The Assembly, both ordinary and extraordinary is decided by the Board and convened by the President.

The notice of meeting must be published by posting the registered office or by e-mail at least 20 days before the date fixed and must state the date, time and the venue of the order of business.

All members have the right to one vote and may be represented by another member.

Each member can not represent more than two members. The resolutions of the shareholders are valid if taken by a majority of the votes cast and shall be displayed in the albo of the association for at least two weeks. Even the balance sheets and quotes must be posted in the albo of the Association for at least fifteen days.

The Chairman is the President of the association that will be assisted by a secretary appointed by him.

The Commission's powers of scrutiny and verification for votes is appointed by the Board.


The President is elected by the Board and represents the Association in relations with third parties. He presides over the shareholders' meeting and the Governing Council. The President provides the direction and management of the Association in accordance with the resolutions and the Governing Council.

In cases of extreme urgency and necessity, the President may provide the Board of Directors on matters of competence and to submit the ratification decision of the Council within 90 days.

In the temporary absence of the President may delegate all or part of its duties and powers to the Vice President.

ART. 14

The Executive Board comprises the President and Vice-Presidents at least two counselors.

The Board directs and manages the Association, decides on applications for admission or resignation of members, decides to carry out activities and programs to be carried out, proceed to the formation of budgets and final accounts, administers the estate and the social rents, establishes membership fees, approves the social regulations, controls on the legality of the administrative management of the association.

The Board is convened by the President in ordinary session at least four times a year, and is validly constituted with the majority of its members. Decisions are taken by simple majority. In case of resignation of the President or a majority of the Board, the Chairman shall remain in office and must provide for the convening of an extraordinary general meeting within 60 days. The Board is convened by posting at the registered office at least ten days before the date fixed for the meeting by registered or be sent ten days before. The Executive Council shall meet when half plus one of its components requires it in writing.


All offices are honorary and completely free. And 'it provided for Members, if approved by the Governing Council for the reimbursement of expenses actually incurred in accordance with Law 133/99.




The share capital consists of:

  • from movable and immovable property,
  • from any payments, gifts and bequests made by shareholders, by individual by institutions,

The revenues consist of:

  • dues,
  • by any revenue from commercial operations,
  • from any other income that social assets,

The shares are non-refundable in any case it can be transferred and are not revalued.


Financial The financial year ends on December 31 of each year. The Executive Council will prepare the balance sheets and budgets, as well as a Financial Statement to be submitted for approval to the shareholders. Any profits or operating surpluses as well as funds, reserves or capital, will be used again to Activity institutional Association, unless the destination or distribution is imposed by law.


The revenues consist of:

  • membership fees and specific fees for services offered to members;
  • by possible contributions of the State, the Regions, of local authorities;
  • from any rents on owned assets;
  • from any sponsorship and advertising;
  • surpluses from the annual management;
  • from any other entry for commercial purposes that is deemed relevant to the achievement of the institutional order.




The modifications to the present Statute must be passed by the extraordinary shareholders' meeting by the affirmative vote of at least 2/3 of the valid votes cast at the Meeting.


The Association is dissolved by resolution of the Extraordinary valid members specially convened. In the event of dissolution of the Association is obliged to donate to another association with similar purposes or public purposes, after the monitoring organization referred in article 3 paragraph 190 L. 23/12/1996 and unless otherwise destination imposed by law.


For matters not covered by this statute makes specific reference to the Statute and to the ASI Regulation and the rules of the Civil Code as applicable.


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