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Meeting with the founders of ASDIL

In the comfortable premises of the Golf Club "Marco Simone Biagiotti", a meeting was held today between the founders of ASDIL: Ignazio Vaccarini (President), Hasen Gritly (Vice President), Alberto Spinaci (Secretary), Ivo Spadavecchia and Felice Fortuna (Councilors) focusing on the agreements reached by Gritly during his recent trip to Tripoli featuring an extraordinarily full schedule of engagements and meetings with Authorities, Entities and Libyan Administrative Officers.

Interesting and promising agreements have been reached with:


From these agreements, presented at the highest governmental levels in Libya and soon to be extended to equally important Italian governmental and decision-makers, the immediate prospects are:
1) A press conference for update and information;
2) Probable visit to Tripoli from July 16th to expose our programs together with the co-founders of our Association in Tripoli, interested entities and authorities through Libyan press and television
3) Organize a meeting with Libyan guests in Italy to create a cultural-sports week, possibly in October 2017, with basketball, volleyball and Libyan folk dances.

The aims of ASDIL, I keep in mind, are many, but if I should simplify and summarize in one sentence, I would say:
- Rehabilitation and evaluation of young Libyans, boys and girls, who have suffered physical, mental and moral damage for their reintegration into the world of sport and, through the establishment of an "Arts and Crafts" body, a real opportunity to return or Become productive in a Society to be rebuilt.

The young Libyans face the commitment to rebuild their world and no one must feel excluded from this possibility.

It has already begun, for our part, the search for sponsors who will be faced with the feasibility of building, providing and assisting ex-novo infrastructures; But with the same commitment we invite anyone who is involved in our project, to assist us with a support as an Ordinary Partner of € 50.00 or Supporting Member with € 100.00 by signing the bank transfer to:
ASDIL Dilettantistica Association Italy-Libya IBAN code: IT42Y0569603223000004417X08

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